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At sketchboat we are all about using visual design to create value. Be it through crafting a strong identity that perfectly communicates your brand's character or designing a great user interface that improves a user’s overall experience of a product. We want our designs to add real world advantage in a contemporary marketplace.

Now then,

How do we do it?

Through Listening
and Expertise.

We believe listening is important. No amount of experience in Design and Visual Identity can help us understand your values and vision as an organization unless we get it from you. This is why our first and most important step in every project is to understand the requirements and make sure we have the problem statement down pat.

And then comes our expertise to ensure a resolution of your ideas and values into real tangible results. Results that benefit both you and your users. And while this is important to us, what matters even more is that we do not produce soulless sterile designs. And that’s because we believe that wouldn’t be the best for you, but truthfully we do it for our own values too as a company. It's a tight balance but at the end of the day it is who we are. We are sketchboat. How can we help?

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*Frequently Ignored Questions:
Obviously important, Often ignored.

We good so far?

We want to make sure we are on the same page all the time. We make that extra effort to be available for any queries you may have throughout the process and place great importance on frequent and meaningful updates.

What is it to you?

Every so often design solutions do not take into account the connection of the project to the people driving it. We know how much this means to you and so if you want to talk about any aspects of your brand in great detail, we are all ears.

Why not?

While we bring all our expertise onto the table when we discuss possible solutions, we make a conscious effort to avoid overly safe advice. We pride ourselves on not compromising when the solutions seem tricky on the surface.

How does this fit in?

While we play our part in your story, we keep an eye out for the big picture. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We want to make sure what we are creating fits in with everything else you do.


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